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October Meeting and Tech Session

Plan and Prepare Now for October Tech Session – by Kent Goddard

What are you planning to do on Saturday October 28th??  I hope your answer is that you’ll be attending the Tech Session that Kris and I are hosting at our new house in Wildwood.  We have space to get 3 cars into the garage for service so it’s a rain or shine event.

Arrive at 9:30 or later, whatever fits your schedule and desires.  Potluck lunch (chili, dogs, brats, etc.) at noon with our monthly meeting as soon as we finish lunch.  Hang around into the afternoon if desired.

If you plan to attend:  Please let Kent know what food you plan to bring.  Kent’s contact information and email are in the latest Vair Views.

If you plan to work on your car:  Please let me know what you plan to work on and get your parts on order now.  Of course we hope all will attend, whether working on a car or not.

Mark your calendar and let me know ASAP!

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