Calendar of Events

CHRISTMAS PARTY HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Will try again next year when people feel safer to go out and party.

Tech Session:  Due to his health and car parts scattered all over the garage, Bob and Rose have cancelled the tech session and will re-schedule next year when things have settled down???   Tom has been talking to John Carter and he has offered a space at the underground but you have to bring your own tools and parts.  A new date for the tech session is scheduled for October 24th starting as early as 8AM if you wish.  Please let Tom Yengel know if you have a car that needs to have work done on it.  Tom will be in charge of coordinating shifts and work times.  There are several fast food places around the underground and I am sure someone will make a food run if needed.  Its a perfect fall morning out there today and would be a perfect time to get out and get those outside chores done.

It was decided to make Bill and Dottie Dick lifetime members.  I talked to Dottie Dick this past week-end and she is doing really well and was thrilled when I told her what we had decided to do. Bill is in the nursing home part of their residence but she can't just stop in when she wants to see him.  This Coven thing is keeping everyone at a safe social distancing.  Dottie is still interested in going to some  events if you would be  willing to drop by the home and pick her up.  Since she dosen't have a computer in her apartment, she still wants the newsletter mailed. That way she can choose if there is something she wants to attend.