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Group picture of the club in June 2014

Final results of the Show-Me Corvair Club 2016 Spring Rally

Trophy for the time closest to the official time:
Karl and Lee Strauch in a metallic bronze 2016 Smart Car. Their time was 2:32:40 versus the official time of 2:33:42, a variance of only one minute and two seconds. The Strauch’s mileage was 75.5, and their quiz score was 19.

Trophy for the mileage closest to the official mileage:
Kent and Kris Goddard of Show-Me Corvairs in a red Corvair Corsa convertible. They exactly matched the official mileage of 76.2 miles.

Trophy for the best score on a quiz about points of interest along the route:
SMCC’s Kent and Kris Goddard answered 21 questions correctly out of 25.

Congratulations to our winners! Our other teams included:

Car #1:
Mike and Susan Becker of Show-Me Corvairs in a red 1966 Corvair Monza coupe. Time: 2:50:05, Mileage 81.5, Quiz 20.

Car #4:
Petko and Ellen Vlaytchev in a green 1980 Fiat 2000 Spyder. Time: 3:38:45, Mileage 85.0, Quiz 18.

Car #5:
Sean Mundy and his dad William in a red 2007 Mustang convertible. The Mundy team was disqualified because they arrived at the end point more than 30 minutes after their scheduled arrival time, and the end point was closed.